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I'm glad you've taken a few moments from your busy schedule of shuffling kids and grandchildren from school to soccer practice to ballet, all the while tackling a mountain of laundry, juggling work and home, and picking up dinner
through a take out window, to visit my site.

My name is Ken Swarner and I write the internationally syndicated humor column Family Man for newspapers and magazine.  I speak to parenting groups blending humor
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and sage advice, perform live stand up comedy, and most recently released my first book, "Whose Kids Are These Anyway?" with Penguin/Putnam.

I hope you enjoy the humor on this site, and in some small way, I hope it gives you peace of mind to know you aren't the only imperfect parent raising children.  And, if for some reason you are a perfect parent...please keep that to yourself.

Parents rule!

Ken Swarner

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