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        Xinhua Daily's Series Reports Titled "Decoding Pharmaceutical Innovation in Jiangsu"

        2020.05.18 ? Size

        Recently, Xinhua Daily, on the occasion of the launch meeting of Ameile®, Hansoh Pharma's Class 1 innovative drug, produced a series of reports under the headline of "Decoding Pharmaceutical Innovation in Jiangsu", describing the responsibilities and actions of enterprises represented by Hansoh Pharma in the accelerated move of Jiangsu's pharmaceutical industry towards "World-Class".


        On May 9, Xinhua Daily's report on the front page: "Jiangsu's Biopharmaceutical Industry Accelerates Its Move Towards "World-Class", Already with the Foundation and Potential to Keep Pace with the International Community"


        On May 11, Xinhua Daily's report on the third page: "Hansoh Pharma Launches Innovative Drug Ameile to Relieve Dependence of Advanced Lung Cancer Patients on Imported Drugs"


        On May 17, Xinhua Daily's report on the front page:"From Generic Drugs to World-Class Innovative Drugs, Pharmaceutical Innovation in Jiangsu Unleashes Strong Momentum"


        Caption: Report dated May 9

        Caption: Report dated May 11

        Caption: Report dated May 17