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        Hansoh Pharma's CMO, Professor Wu Qiong, Attends 2023 CHSESI

        2023.11.08 ? Size

        The 15th China Healthcare Summit of Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Investors (CHSESI), hosted by the China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association, China Medicinal Biotech Association and other organizations, was held in Hangzhou on November 2, 2023. Hansoh Pharma's CMO, Professor Wu Qiong, attended the high-level dialog of the main forum, in which he conveyed the company's innovative ideas and brand vision and engaged with distinguished entrepreneurs as they discussed the direction of the cycles the industry was taking.


        As a high-level influential conference within China’s pharmaceutical industry, the 15th CHSESI followed a theme of “Making Innovation Sustainable”and the mission of promoting transformation and improvements to the industry, involving extensive sharing sessions and discussions on the innovation ecosystem, with the aim of driving pioneering innovation locally and leading the industry’s innovation and transformation.          

        During a high-level talk, Hansoh Pharma's CMO, Professor Wu Qiong, shared Hansoh Pharma’s innovative ideas, strategies, and results with participants centered around the internal structure and external landscape changes to China’s pharmaceutical innovation. Recently, Hansoh Pharma has progressively advanced in the area of “innovation + internationalization” policy, and hastened the layout of high-potential research and the development of the pipeline worldwide. In addition, the company was persistently improving R&D strategies and enhancing R&D efficiency as it entered a completely new growth cycle.

        As the company undergoes rapid transformation, Hansoh Pharma is steadfast in its pursuit of the mission of “continuously innovating and improving the quality of human life”, upholding the values of “responsibility, integrity, diligence, and innovation”, and is committed to “becoming a global leader as a pharmaceutical enterprise driven by innovation.”

        At CHSESI, the list of China's Top 100 Pharmaceutical Innovative Enterprises (CPIE) in 2023 and the list of Top Listed Pharmaceutical Companies for ESG Competitiveness in China were released. The company once again was listed in the first tier of China's Top 100 Pharmaceutical Innovative Enterprises (CPIE) in 2023.Hansoh Pharma was honored among the Top 20 (large-cap stock) Top Listed Pharmaceutical Companies for ESG Competitiveness in China, demonstrating the pharmaceutical industry’s recognition for Hansoh Pharma’s scientific and technological capabilities and responsible innovation.