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        Holding the Lead! Hansoh Pharma Maintains Third Place as "Best Industrial Enterprise for Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line in China"

        2023.11.20 ? Size

        On November 18, the 2023 (40th) China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference was officially launched in Beijing, where the highly anticipated rankings for the Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Industries in 2022, along with a series of special rankings, were ceremoniously released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Hansoh Pharma's chief subsidiary, Jiangsu Hansoh Pharma, has been ranked among the Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Industries for several consecutive years. Boasting outstanding R&D capabilities and highly successful innovative achievements, it ranked third in the "Best Industrial Enterprise for Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line in China for 2023".


        The "Best Industrial Enterprise for Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line in China" is one of the most highly-recognized and symbolic rankings for "innovative power" in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. It aims to track R&D dynamics in real-time and identify benchmark enterprises in pharmaceutical innovation in China. The list is compiled by an expert panel formed by the China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, together with the China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry. Selections are based on objective data research and analysis, ensuring a rigorous and stringent selection process. As a leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical company in China, Hansoh Pharma has maintained its rank in the top three positions as a "Best Industrial Enterprise for Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line in China" for seven consecutive years.


        Behind such accelerated innovation outcomes, we are seeing a "continuous increase in R&D investments". Hansoh Pharma has built a research and development team of more than 1,600 members, gradually establishing ecosystem for global pharmaceutical innovation. The company deeply focuses on disease areas such as anti-tumor, anti-infection, central nervous system, metabolism, and autoimmunity. By virtue of international cutting-edge technologies such as siRNA, monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and fusion proteins, we are efficiently advancing the pioneering innovations and breakthrough innovations of high-potential pipelines. Currently, there are more than 30 innovative drugs which are undergoing over 40 clinical trials, a testament to the strong momentum behind such research and development.


        By continuously refining its R&D strategies and improving the efficiency of R&D, Hansoh Pharma is rapidly advancing the launch of several innovative products and moving its research projects through to pivotal clinical or market approval stages, and has seen several patents come to fruition. The company already has 7 innovative drugs approved for market release, with innovative drugs accounting for 61.8% of total revenue. It is anticipated that in the next three years, there will be 8-10 IND applications and 2-3 NDA applications each year. By 2025, more than 15 innovative drugs (including new indications) are expected to be released on the market.


        In 2023, Hansoh Pharma's Almonertinib invention patent "EGFR Inhibitor and its Preparation and Applications" won a Patent Gold Award at the 24th WIPO-CNIPA Awards. As the highest honor in the Chinese intellectual property field, this highlighted the clinical value of Almonertinib and the innovative strength of Hansoh Pharma.


        Hansoh Pharma continuously accelerates its efforts in differentiated and global innovation. While focusing on independent R&D in recent years, the company carried out nearly 20 BD transactions, licensed multiple cutting-edge targets and innovative products, and successfully sold the overseas rights of its independently-developed B7-H4 ADC to GlaxoSmithKline. This strategy was intended to more rapidly meet clinical needs and deliver benefits to patients in China and around the world.