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      1. R&D

        National-level R&D Designations

        Jiangsu Province Key National Laboratory for Long-acting Bio-medical Research

        Jiangsu Province Key National Laboratory for Long-acting Bio-medical Research was set up with expert planning and verification upon approval of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department in July 2017. Since its inception and operation, the Laboratory accomplished extraordinary achievements in making key technological breakthroughs, innovative drugs R&D, talent training and team development.

        The Laboratory closely follows up dynamics in domestic and international sustained release biopharmaceutics studies, explores R&D approaches and application technologies for sustained release biopharmaceutics, such as modification of sustained release pharmaceutics, formulation development and quality control, and builds up a mature development platform covering the aforementioned three aspects, to be specific, (1) new sustained release modification technologies, such as selection and optimization of modification strategies, modification site location, stability of modified products, in vitro pharmacodynamics and pharmaceutical metabolism of modified products, quantitative structure?activity relationships and the sustained release effect of peptides; (2) new technologies for sustained release formulation, such as sustained-release injectable microspheres and sustained-release injectable depot;  (3) new technologies in sustained

        release drug quality control, such as determination of active polyethylene glycol molecule weight and weight distribution, determination technology of sustained release modification sites, formulation and in vitro evaluation technologies for sustained release drugs, etc. Meanwhile, the Laboratory compiles and promotes guideline for sustained release drugs development technologies to advance nationwide drugs development in this respect.  

        Looking ahead, on technologies studies in fields such as the modification, formulation and quality control, the Laboratory will select peptides and protein drugs that have good clinical treatment effects and social benefits to perform basic studies on their pioneering technologies, conduct systematic evaluation of their application in sustained release drug development, study the engineering and industrialization in relatively mature technologies; all these efforts will be made to accelerate their application in biopharmaceutics so that China’s sustained release drug development will be elevated and catch up with global advanced level. 

        Link to Jiangsu Province Key National Laboratory for Long-acting Bio-medical Research: http://www.7thsoftware.com/lab/